The experiences of Archimede Arte and their team of specialists have been originated from projects that always have something new and require an original approach; at the same time it has always been important to have a clear strategy and results, since it is often not possible to go back and take different paths.
In 3D surveys in particular, the passion for art, the experience and the attention to details, especially in the post-production phase, allow Archimede Arte to achieve uncommon results with any type of artwork, of material, from any period.

2D and 3D digitization of Vatican Museums

A work in progress, carried out with georeferenced laser surveys integrated with photogrammetry techniques, using advanced tools and technologies, whose results have been aimed at cataloging and managing artistic and architectural heritage; a cataloging of 7 kilometers of buildings and artworks for about 170 thousand square meters .

GPP Pompei

The “Great Pompei Project” is a knowledge plan based on diagnosis and monitoring services of the conservation status of Pompeii divided into six lots. The assignment, related to Lot 1, Regio 1 (66,000 square meters), involved the creation of orthorectified photographs of all the walls, ceilings and floors that could be inspected in order to record the state of conservation in the diagnostic sheets. diagniostica della Regio 1 (66.000 mq) The campaign required orthorectified images, free from perspective distortions and volumetric anamorphosis, therefore perfectly measurable; for this reason we have adopted a shooting methodology based on architectural photographic shooting, achieved through the use of cameras with moving optics capable of operating decentralization and tilting movements.

Survey of “Nobile Collegio del Cambio” in Perugia

“The most beautiful bank in the world” completely digitized, with its rooms and masterpieces, thru georeferenced laser surveys integrated with photogrammetry techniques, , and monitored with thermographic surveys, for complete and accurate protection. Development of a 360° virtual tour for the promotion of the institution and the extraordinary artworks.

Perugino campaign 2023

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The work performed involved an important number of different specialties in the world of 3D digitization of cultural heritage. The metric data from total laser scanning, to the very high detail of the photogrammetry and the 360 capture of all the environments.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Survey of the Oratory of San Francesco

Defined as one of the most interesting examples of the early Perugian Baroque of counter-reformist matrix, the Oratory of San Francesco dei Nobili has been completely digitized, from the basement to the roof, for the protection and conservation of its artistic heritage. A real technical challenge to restore the Baroque opulence to the highest level of fidelity that makes the oratory a unique place to visit in Perugia, and a first step for the Braccio Fortebracci Sodality towards physical and digital enhancement interventions.

The Sistina Experience

The study has been aimed to reproduce the Sistine Chapel on a 1: 1 scale with a structure that can be assembled and disassembled, able to travel around the world. Thanks to this experience and the quality of digital surveys, Archimede Arte is able to create absolutely faithful replicas (in life-size or in scale, if necessary) of environments of great artistic value otherwise difficult to access, where to create immersive multisensory events for the promotion of products and services of companies.

National guidelines for 2D and 3D digitization of cultural heritage

As part of the “Digital Library of the Italian Culture” Project, we have drawn up guidelines with strategic indications and operational guidelines for the digitization of movable and immovable cultural assets, to answer questions of those who operate in this field The guidelines are the reference for the Bodies that decide to undertake a digitization project, address all the cases managed by the ICCD and offer methodological solutions so as to guide the Bodies in choosing the best strategic and operational practice.